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& Editting

Video editing and videography for promotional projects or achieving your dreams of becoming an influencer. Contact me for scope of work, as this is extremely reliant on the project. 

play that back

As a well rounded designer, I can also provide the service of video editting and animations. Whether it's a promotional video for you company, an instructive animation, or a cool replay for your successes in gaming, I've got you covered!

I love taking the mundane and making them exciting. Lets see what we can do together.

A story

This is a short documentary about one of my favorite professors from college to promote one of her gallery openings.

I know I did her life's work justice with this film and helped explain the meaning of her work with a broader audience. The stories she tells are amazing, meaningful, and overwhelmingly inspiring.


This is an epic video demonstrating the awesome achievement of my old World of Warcraft Guild defeating the final boss of the current raid.


As one of the top guilds in the world, they wanted to commemorate this accomplishment of their team with one multi- perspective masterpiece that showcases their players skill and communication.

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