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Web Design

I'm pretty decent at web design too! Whether its a redesign or from the ground up, just ask! In addition to being able to code them by hand, I've worked with Wix, Squarespace, Bluehost, and Wordpress.


Web design is another one of my specialties. Having studied Computer Science for my first year of college, I have a soft spot for customizing and figuring out anything with a computer.

While I started making web apps by myself in high school, I've recently began a quest of testing out various consumer-grade web development platforms. So far I've worked with Bluehost, Wordpress, Wix, and AWS. Experimenting with all of these platforms have really taught me what's important when it comes to web design.

I can help your website reach more screens through Search Engine Optimization, make a full stack e-commerce site, or just give you a lesson on how to use some of these DIY website builders.

Let's bring your brand to the whole world.

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