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This is my specialization in the design field. Immersive and Extensive research and development into a product. Market Research, Ethnography, Experience Mapping, and Intensive analysis.

What is Experience Design?

Experience Design is a design practice focused on human outcomes.

Particularly the level of engagement and satisfaction that the user derives from a product or service and the relevance of the experience to their needs and context.

It is:

  • Iterative: identifying and resolving design challenges through cycles of creativity and user research.

  • Collaborative: involving specialists from various design and non-design disciplines, as well as project stakeholders and end users, in the design process.

  • Measurable: identifying both physical and emotional outcomes for the experience, and measuring success against these targets.

    Thank you for this great definition.

Experience design takes people and human needs as the first frame of reference. We’ve all seen examples of design where either technology (what does this new technology allow us to do?) or surface layer aesthetics (how can we best present our brand within this design?) was the starting point. This often leads to design solutions that don’t meet the criteria of ‘relevance’ that we’ve put in the definition above.




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