iShirt Release
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Forearm Touch

The iShirt is Apple’s latest attempt at the modernization of workout apparel. An exclusive partnership with Nike has ensured that the flexibility and breathability one expects from athletic wear is not sacrificed for technological enhancements. The polypropylene-cotton blend is water resistant and dries quickly, allowing maximum flexibility and temperature control in all climates. Apple opted for cutting edge technology even with the iShirt’s materials: sweat receptors are hidden through the cotton blend in strategic places, which can provide the wearer with useful information, such as blood pressure, dehydration or blood sugar level, to further enhance his/her performance.

Forearm Touch

The iShirt’s most notable innovation is its forearm touch screen, enabling users to access a variety of information and services without the need for an external device. The five-inch screen is inserted just around the left wrist of the shirts, providing a very similar user experience to a standard iPhone. The user can make and receive calls or text messages, interacting with the iShirt’s screen and utilize nano microphones inserted in the shirt’s neckline. Wi-Fi and bluetooth connectivity also offer the user a chance to surf the internet and connect the iShirt to his/her other apple devices, including Airpods. More advanced styles, such as sweatshirts and coats, will include headphones integrated into the hoodie.

Fully Supported.

The Apple Store has been refueled with with thousands of new apps specifically developed to enhance the iShirt capabilities.

The iShirt’s main features consist of a watch application, with integrated stopwatch, timer and alarm; a GPS application specifically targeted at runners and cyclists, with suggestions on the most scenic and challenging routes; Apple iCloud connectivity, providing athletes with their favorite music and pictures and finally a brand new iVital interface, through which the user is constantly updated on his/her performance and health data thanks to iShirt’s internal sensors.

Introducing iVital

An expansion on the already progressive and beneficial technology of the Health app on the IOS devices.

iShirt shows you how much you move, combining activity data like steps and distance traveled, how often you stand, exercise and burn calories. Additionally, iVital creates an individual profile custom to each user’s body that alerts emergency services if the user is suffering physical distress or from any medical conditions. The iShirt wirelessly connects to your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Macbook and is seamlessly integrated with the iCloud so that all user fitness data can be conveniently tracked no matter the device in use. The product is available for purchase at the Nike and Apple stores, as well as online. iShirt comes in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra large, and in such colors as: linen, black, gray, gold, slate blue, and orchid. The price starts at $649 and for a custom made iShirt the price starts at $799.