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With the success of the sanitizers and with half of the development already done in the sense of having the fragrance oils already manufactured, we decided to turn the scent ( the #1 reason why people were buying sanitizers ) into a candle to further diversify our product offering. This product was very simple for us to create, but extremely difficult for us to perfect. With me having such a profound impact on the launch of sanitizers, I was naturally the point person to develop the candles. We went through 4 master scent makers, having to redevelop the scents multiples times, because we could not get the candle to smell exactly like the sanitizer when the candle was burning. We wound up working with the factory that produces Yankee Candles' special editions for a limited run.

While the launch was after I departed from the company, I was still instrumental in every step of developing the product, packaging, and delivery. This experience taught me the importance of standing my ground and having an uncompromising sense of quality. We had samples from 10 factories, all basically the same scents, and it was imperative that we hit it perfectly. I will always stand by these as the best-smelling soy wax candles I've ever owned, as I had the luxury of requesting perfection and nearly achieved it.

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