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I worked as a communications and graphic designer, responsible for creating all extra-company communications. My primary focus was reaching new customers, as 8BIT started as a graphic program for the more refined Mostly Heard Rarely Seen, but had a completely different customer. One that prized pop culture references and celebration of niches more than just the complex fabrication of garment. I aided in separating 8BIT into it's own brand, defining the visual and verbal language that would reach both new and existing customers.

This brand was my personal favorite to work on, as I can relate much more heavily to the pop-culture-pun-based marketing over high-end designer fashion with so much subtlety.

There was a whole section of this that was dedicated to the production of a Web3 store where you could purchase phygital products in the Highstreet Metaverse, but ultimately, it was scrapped as the hype surrounding web3 began to die, and people quickly realized that it was not the future. Our store was ready to go, and all the sketches for the purchasing flow in the Metaverse were done, but our partners could not fulfill their role in implementing our designs.

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